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Nothing we do at the Government Services Union could be pleted without the vast network of support that we derive from our network of elected officers. ?It takes the support of each and everyone of you to ensure that the GSU members are receiving the representation, advice and guidance in a timely manner in order to work respectfully and effectively with their employers.

To see the President’s page, click here.

The Government Services Union (GSU) was created at a merger convention in August 1999. We were previously known as Union of Public Works Employees and Supply and Services Union.

Our 8,000 members are organized into 29 Locals across the country, representing most of the workers at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), Shared Services Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM).

GSU’s national office is located in Ottawa and provides members, Locals and elected officers with assistance and representation on grievances, staffing issues, disability and workers’ pensation claims and union / management consultation. We also provide financial and membership services to our Locals.

GSU’s National Council, elected by and from Local delegates at our triennial convention, is posed of 16 Regional Vice-presidents, three National Vice-presidents, (one as an Equity Officer), and the National President. The National Council meets annually.

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GSU is mitted to promoting equity and diversity in all of our member’s workplaces. We represent GSU members across Canada and we defend equity and diversity issues in society at large. If GSU members experience discrimination in the workplace in any form, ?we will file grievances and we will defend for their rights.

As the National Vice President responsible for Equity, part of my responsibilities is to ensure all of our regions and locals recognize the issues and are ready to defend our members when called upon. As National Vice President for Equity it is also my job to ensure we continue to spread the message about equity to our membership and to ensure that our member’s equity rights are an important part of the workplace culture.

Click here to read Equity Articles

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